[testimonials photo]This was my first experience with a law firm and I must admit I was quite nervous about the process.  However, from the moment I contacted McCoy, Turnage & Robertson I was handled as if I was their only client and I was never misled.  As confusing as the paperwork was, the firm always ensured that I knew exactly what I was signing and also what to expect.  I was constantly updated via phone conversation and also in writing through the postal service.  There was never a moment where I felt that I was going through the lawsuit along.  I highly recommend McCoy, Turnage & Robertson for any of your personal needs that may require legal assistance.  In a time of much frustration and headaches this law firm relieved all of that from myself and took it on themselves.  Thank you Lilys McCoy!

J.L., San Diego, California

If you have purchased a “Lemon” vehicle, you are in LUCK!  This is the RIGHT WEBSITE!  After our brand new, “top of the line” RV broke down for the third time in as many months, leaving my husband stranded in the desert, we decided to hire a lemon law attorney.  I had no better resource than the internet. 

All I can say is that luck was on our side when we clicked on the link for MTR.  Was I nervous about trusting the internet?  Yes!  Was I skeptical and cautious during my initial call to Jim Robertson (the “R” of MTR)?  Absolutely!  But, I have to say, his courtesy and intelligence, his patience and genuine interest and concern for our plight, set me quite at ease.

His instructions were clear and uncomplicated.  We did exactly as he requested and sat down and wrote out the “story” of our experience, including as many details as possible, and sent it off.  It took only a couple of days before Jim called to say that it looked as those we might just have a legitimate case.  More would need to be determined before we would hear those magic words, “We’ve got a case!”

Patiently, efficiently, and professionally, the process was beginning and we continued to follow instructions which were absolutely clear.  The outcome of this process is that we WON our case and we could not be happier with the results.  You can trust the Law Offices of McCoy, Turnage & Robertson absolutely and without hesitation. 

R.J & J.J., California

My case was handled expertly by Ellen Turnage.  She was expedient in contacting the dealership and corporate personnel.  I was thrilled this was settled in such a short time span.  I’ll refer anyone to this firm. 

B.P., Rancho Bernado, California

We were extremely satisfied with professionalism, service and results.  We will definitely recommend this firm to family and friends.  P.S. Jim, thanks again for all you did for us. We really appreciated your service.  Refreshing to work with someone who follows through on everything they say they will do.  We will reply on you in the future if the need arises. 

D.G. & S.S., California

I was quite satisfied with Attorney Robertson.  He was professional and kept me updated as the case advanced.  He was easy to reach and returned my calls in a timely manner.  My case was settled to my satisfaction 100%. 

R.H., California

Jim Robertson did a great job.  He got 100% my money back for a car a dealer sold me that had prior damage.  The car had been in an accident before I bought it and the dealer did not tell me and Jim got 100% of my money back. 

K.B., California

I am very satisfied with the result and will definitely recommend your firm to anyone having needs such as I had.  Again, sincere thanks to you for changing a disastrous situation into a great settlement. 

P.H., California

Very quick and very good results! 

S.L., La Jolla, California

I know exactly where to go if I have a problem with my vehicle (or many problems that is).  I am confident in your work!

R.T., Murrieta, California

We would recommend the firm to anyone.  The service was excellent. 

X.G. & K.M., California

Thank you so much for the wonderful job that you did in handling my case.  My case was resolved swiftly and professionally.  The actual settlement that you negotiated on my behalf exceeded my expectations.  I am very pleased with the result of the case and with the way that you kept me abreast of the status of the negotiations.  I would definitely refer you to anyone that needs similar representation. 

G.C., California

Hands down, the most professional and ethical firm to work with! 

D.M., California

I came to MT&R in a sticky Lemon Law situation without any hope of actually being able to get any help.  To my surprise, not only did James Robertson of MT&R help me win my lawsuit, he did it in record time.  This experience gave me assurance that consumers CAN right a wrong. 

T.S., California

1) Could not have asked for better service.  2) Was kept in touch always on progress.  3) Results were very satisfactory.  4) We will refer to friends, family and neighbors. 

G.S. & B.S., Sacramento, California

This firm did good work pertaining to my case. 

E.G., California

I came to McCoy, Turnage & Robertson with a problem I did not know how to solve.  A car dealer in Southern California had sold my daughter a car, and had misrepresented the vehicle.  The car had been in a serious accident, even though the dealer assured us otherwise.  Jim Robertson and the firm solved the problem.  They did a great job, even better than I had hoped for. 

W.S., California

I would like to extend my most heartfelt appreciation and gratitude for your outstanding work on resolving my case against Mercedes Benz Corporation of North America. Your professionalism and tenacious efforts in negotiating with them were instrumental in successfully prevailing against them. I was also truly grateful for your continual communication with me on the status of my case. I will gladly refer others who are in need of your expertise. Again, thank you so very much for your kind, outstanding professional service.

N.G., San Diego, California

I wanted to thank you for all of the help you gave me in getting the issue with my Volvo resolved. I really appreciate all of the time you put into helping me.

J.S., San Diego, California

I would like to thank you and your office for your professionalism and prompt response in getting this resolved. Although frustrating at times waiting, this was a painless experience and I will recommend your office to anyone I know experiencing problems with their vehicles. Once again, thanks.

W.E. and J.E., Riverside, California

Thank you so much for all your help. You were so very patient and helpful and should any of my friends have a problem such as mine, I will absolutely refer them to your firm. It was a "painless" process. It isn't easy to be the "little guy" dealing all alone against a big corporation and it was a relief to place it your capable hands knowing it was going to be taken care of.

S.C., San Bernardino, California.

I appreciate all the dedicated work you put into this. I was satisfied with the outcome and I will definitely refer you for business in the future if I have other friends who are unfortunate enough to get into a bad situation with their car like I did. Thank you very much.

R.G., San Diego, California

Lilys has represented my family's interests with great success - 'almost instantly' on one occasion. When a letter is written to a party which expresses points, authorities and terms of resolution so clearly that the settlement check gets 'put in the mail' within 48-hours - you know you've got a good attorney. California is a big state. I live in the northern half and Lilys is based in San Diego. Does that matter in the field of consumer law she works within? No so far. If you've been stung by a sleazy used or new car dealership and need assistance - a call to Lilys should be the first one you make.

P.W.E., Sebastopol, California

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