These articles are intended to provide general background information on the lemon law, used car purchases, and consumer credit law.  We hope that you find the articles helpful.

Buying a Used Car

Getting a good deal on a used car involves both negotiating a good price and taking steps to make sure the car is reliable.

Buying Car Insurance

Learn about the different types of automobile insurance coverage and how to cut costs when insuring your car.

Canceling a Contract/Getting a Refund FAQ

Frequently asked questions about canceling a contract or getting your money back.

Consumer Credit Laws

If your business extends credit to its customers, you'll need to comply with federal consumer credit laws.

Consumer Scams FAQ

Identity Theft FAQ

State Consumer Protection Offices

If you've fallen prey to a consumer scam, your state or local consumer protection agency can help.

When a Dog Is a Lemon

The odds of getting a sick animal at a pet shop are disturbingly high. Here's what to do if it happens to you.

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